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Tori and I first came across Kathy when we were looking for some extra assistance with mobility and had acupuncture to assist in her movement.  My girl was later diagnosed with cancer and we continued to see Kathy through this period keeping Tori at her best, given she was elderly and temperamental.  It enabled her to continue to walk daily and I believe it gave her full quality of life.  Even more importantly when we made the change to palliative care and then preparing for end of life, Kathy was instrumental in the absolute best care, all the way to the end for my girl and for me in that journey.  

She was always very flexible for the home visits and responsive to the changing requirements involved some of the sudden changes we experienced. Tori took to Kathy immediately when she has no toleration for vets as a rule.   I have had numerous dogs throughout the years and this was by far the most comforting and peaceful experience I have had when saying good bye to a beloved family member.  Words cannot express my gratitude to Kathy for the difference she made at such an important time for Tori and myself and Thank You does not seem enough. I have no hesitation in recommendation Kathy and her services.

Kerrie Horwood

Photo of JoeyJoey the Golden Retriever, now 14, has been seeing Kathy for regular acupuncture for some time, as part of a program for managing his reduced muscle strength and mobility, especially in his hind legs. He was a little unsettled for the first treatment, but since then he relaxes and sometimes goes to sleep while the pins are in. We are delighted with the maintenance of his quality and joy of life achieved with acupuncture and a careful diet. We appreciate Kathy’s kindness and empathy with an elderly, golden gent.

Coral, Adamstown Heights

Tanner is an 8 year old Dalmatian that has experienced some fairly tough medical issues since he was 6 months old. Tannerwebsitetestimonialimage

Tanner now has arthritis from his toes up to & along his spine, & along with double cruciate repair has made his back legs very stiff & sore.

Last year he was also found to be experiencing sciatica in his lower spine, as a result of an earlier illness, and then if that wasn’t enough he was diagnosed with Wobblers Syndrome late last year.

Treatment options included conventional pain medication but when acupuncture & laser therapy was suggested we were more than happy to give this a try to see if it had an impact on maintaining our boy’s mobility a little longer.

Tanner proved to be a challenge at first & I am sure tested all of Kathy’s skills in animal behaviour but her high level of caring, professionalism  & expert knowledge won us all over & now he loves his visits from Kathy. He especially likes that he gets to have lots of treats during his session & to give Kathy lots of ear kisses.

At first Kathy saw Tanner at the Vet Clinic but as Tanner had a flare up in his condition & it became difficult to transport him Kathy was very flexible in moving the sessions to Tanner’s home.

Kathy has a calming manner that ensures Tanner is now much more relaxed during his sessions & tolerates the treatments for much longer.

Kathy offers a great holistic, alternative treatment option that we would encourage anyone to try for their fur baby.

Kathy’s continued treatment plan has ensured that Tanner is maintaining his mobility & hence quality of life for much longer than we first thought possible.


Leanne, Pam & Tanner

We have recently moved to Australia with our 5 year old Labradoodle Lily who suffers from hip dysplasia. We were swimming her once a week in Scotland to keep the strength up in her hips which worked well. With there being no hydro pools in Newcastle Lily became lame within a couple of months of arriving in Australia struggling to get up on all 4's and limping around the house and on her walks.

We researched alternative treatments/medicine and turned to Kathy who carries out acupuncture on Lily every 2-3 weeks. Lily responded very well to Kathy and her acupuncture she was back to her old self within the first few treatments, running and jumping around like she was a puppy again.

Lily enjoys her acupuncture appointments and gets excited to see Kathy. We are so happy that Lily is now fully mobile and not in pain, this is all thanks to Kathy.

Matthew & Lexie and of course Lily

Sam ByrneGood Evening Kathy

We just want to express our thanks at the care and attention Dr Kathy Cornack has given to our beautiful Labrador, Sam.  Sam is in his 12th year, has been blind for approximately 5 to 6 years and has osteo-arthritis in both hips.  Sam has been receiving acupuncture, massage and laser treatment on his spine, hips and feet since August 2016 with Kathy now visiting Sam at our home. 

In all the treatments Kathy has given to Sam, she has been patient, considerate of Sam's blindness, and ensures he is relaxed before and during the treatments.  We can recommend Dr Kathy Cornack to any pet owners wanting alternate therapy for their beloved pets.

Very Kind Regards

Michael and Bronwen Byrne