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K9 Comfort Tasty Tumeric Treats 250g

Locally sourced & produced, K9 Comfort Treats are a fabulous way to treat your furry friend with good, wholesome ingredients. All treat varieties contain natural flavours, with no fillers, grains, preservatives or chemicals added. Only human grade meat has been used & mainly organic herbs & vegetables.

  ** MADE TO ORDER and can take up to a week to arrive **

Available in 250g refills or Mixed 500g refills in variety of flavours.

Tasty Turmeric Treats come in the following:-

  •  Peanut butter, apple & blueberry:  100% natural nut butter, wax free apples + fresh blueberries dehydrated
  • Kangaroo & sweet potato: dehydrated roo liver, dehydrated sweet potato
  •  Chicken & Pumpkin: dehydrated chicken breast, dehydrated pumpkin
  •  Mussels & Beetroot: dehydrated green lipped mussel & whitebait, organic beetroot powder (100% beet)
  •  Hemp seed & Banana: Organic hemp seed, dehydrated Coffs Harbour bananas
  •  Lamb dinner: dehydrated lamb lung, dehydrated peas, fresh homegrown mint and rice syrup.