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Holistic Vets Newcastle

Wellbeing, Vaccination & Titre testing

Holistic Animal Health & Wellbeing

Our vets are experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of illness and disease affecting cats and dogs. As holistic vets, our focus is on improving the health, wellbeing and quality of life of your pets.

Often the focus of conventional medicine is on addressing the symptoms of illness, and in doing so the whole animal is not considered. As holistic vets, our focus is not just on treating disease, but in working toward achieving wellness, taking the whole animal, their environment, lifestyle and diet into consideration.

As holistic vets, we choose natural and less invasive methods of treatment whenever they are safe and appropriate to do so. There are times when conventional medicines and surgery are needed, especially when rapid results are required. Conventional and natural medicines all form part of an integrated treatment approach to treating your animal. Our vets, wherever appropriate, are qualified to choose natural treatment techniques, which includes the use of natural diets, supplements, nutraceuticals, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, herbal medicine and homeopathy.

Our vets also provide advice on appropriate parasite protection (intestinal worms, heartworm, fleas, ticks, mites etc).


Vaccinations & Titre Testing 

We encourage Annual Wellness Consultations rather than routine annual revaccination for your pets. An annual check up allows our vets to monitor for many breed- and age-related illnesses and diseases. These regular check ups are important.

We offer titre testing for dogs and cats in order to assesses whether or not revaccination is necessary.  Titre testing is a simple blood test, which will help us determine if your dog or cat really does need that booster vaccination.  All testing includes a certificate.


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