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Holistic Vets Newcastle

Lifetime care, aging and palliative care

Lifetime care

Our vets provide advice to owners about companion animals of all ages and life stages.


Puppies & kittens

Our vets can help with veterinary care and advice for the care of your puppy or kitten from when you first bring them home.  Our vets can provide guidance about

  • nutrition
  • vaccination
  • parasite protection
  • training and behaviour
  • growth and development

and how best to support the growing stages of your new family member, to maintain good health and wellness during adult life. 

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Senior pets

As our dogs and cats get older, maintaining good health, vitality, joint health and quality of life become of greater concern.  Our vets can provide treatment and advice for the needs of your older furry family members, including:

  • the best nutrition for older animals
  • maintaining good joint health and mobility
  • advice for maintaining health dentition and oral health

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Pain & Mobility issues

Keeping our aging animal family moving comfortably and without pain becomes a major issue as they age.  Both dogs and cats often become stiffer and less mobile as they age.

Pain and mobility issues can also be the result of sudden or chronic trauma, for example knee injuries, or can be due to genetic issues such as hip dysplasia.  Orthopaedic surgery is often a useful solution to these injuries, but the road to recovery can be a long and difficult one.

Our vets employ a variety of techniques to assist in recovery from injury, surgery, or mobility issues:

Old dog receiving acupucncture and laser therapy


Palliative care

If your dog or cat has been diagnosed with cancer, our vets can help with advice about holistic palliative care options.

Palliative care may involve:

  • advice regarding conventional treatment options
  • herbal treatments, both Western and Traditional Chinese herbs, that can assist with improving quality of life and wellbeing, and that support the immune system and may help with delaying tumour growth.
  • the use of medicinal mushrooms to support the immune system.
  • pain relief options including medication and CBD.
  • treatment with acupuncture.