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Holistic Vets Newcastle

Herbal medicine

Our vets are trained in Traditional Chinese and Western Herbal medicine.  

Used appropriately within the framework of a treatment plan, herbal medicine can improve the health of your animal by supporting the body’s own, natural healing processes. Our vets use evidence-based medical knowledge to assess whether natural supplements, nutraceuticals, or herbal formulations can be used in the treatment of your animal.

Many herbs have been extensively studied worldwide for their efficacy in treating a number of conditions, such as:

• liver disease
• kidney disease
• skin diseases, allergies and infections
• digestive disorders including IBD, colitis, vomiting & diarrhoea, pancreatitis
• heart disease
• cognitive decline including dementia
• endocrine disorders including Cushing's disease, hypothyroidism and Diabetes
• immune mediated diseases and immune deficiencies
• respiratory infections/diseases
• cystitis, bladder stones, FLUTD

Although herbal formulations can be sold online, the safety and efficacy of off-the-shelf products can vary.  It is better to consult with one of our vets, who are trained in herbal medicine, and can provide tailored advice for the health of your pets.  Our vets dispense practitioner-grade herbal formulations that go through extensive testing for safety, efficacy and potency.

Herbal formulations can be used as a valuable adjunct to chemotherapy/ radiation in palliative care. Our vets can provide advice as to the safety of herbs used in conjunction with conventional medications and treatments and can liaise with Oncology and other Specialist vets in treatment protocols.

Herbal formulas include liquid that can be mixed with your pet’s food, powder and tablets.