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Support Days & Workshops

Pet Loss Support Days 
Next Dates: Sunday 25th Aug, 24th Nov 2024.
Location: The Base Health, Newcastle West
Bookings via text 0421 501 977 or email

Feedback from Previous Support Days:

Thankyou Kathy, Sharon and Diane for running today’s group.  I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  What you are doing is unique and is neededPlease continue doing the groups.  Thank you for sharing your experiences and the participants too. 

I feel so much lighter than I did this morning.  It’s OK not to be PERFECT.  It’s OK not to do the things others expect of us. 

Thank you again, B


This was a lovely day and I feel better knowing that even though I feel alone sometimes I am definitely not.  Also the tightrope example that Diane gave has given me something to work on.

  • Lovely day with lovely people
  • Felt as comfortable as could possibly be.
  • Can’t wait for the next one.
  • Very much appreciated.

Thank you Diane, Kathy & Sharon, A


Great session. Learnt a lot. Would love to return again. Realised much about myself that I didn’t know was deep inside still.

Thank you all very much.

Love, D


Loved it all. Everyone’s journey was inspiring and the tools to move on.

Thank you ALL.



  • Small group size was great – didn’t feel overwhelming, very comforting
  • Subjects covered were helpful
  • Great venue. And nice to bring a plate – felt more homely
  • Liked the format of the day
  • Great suggestions for how to celebrate your pet.



Thank you so much!

  • small, safe gathering
  • we’re not alone
  • I would like a meeting like this every 3-4 months

Thank you!!!



Reason: to gain closure & acceptance.

Most benefitted from: journaling & friendship.

Would return to another event.



Reason: I lost two fur babies within five months. I wanted to make a change emotionally.

Most benefitted from: Learning that this grief I feel is normal.

I love the day. The space is perfect.

Would return to another event.

Thank you for a wonderful experience. I feel that I have a bit of closure. It’s time to let them rest.



Reason: losing I and wanting to process my grief. To learn some tools to help with this.

Most benefitted from: open & friendly, safe environment to share. Content & personal experiences shared by Kathy & Di. Listening & sharing with everyone here.

Everything was perfect. Thank you <3

Would return to another event.


“Reason you came: I lost my cat Oscar around 6-8 weeks ago. My neighbour invited me as her experience with the past pet loss support days have really helped her.

Most benefit from: listening to everyones stories and learning I wasn’t alone, especially with the guilt.

It was a lovely experience. Thank you, lovely to meet you. You’re doing a really thoughtful, kind thing.” – P


“Reason you came: To connect with people who feel the same.

Most benefit from: reminder to go through grieving and not stay in grief. Memorialise our beautiful animals. Hearing others experiences + not being alone.

Thank you so much” - K     


“Reason you came: recent loss of my cat Mia.

Most benefit from: grieving is a process. Not to blame yourself. Fear of judgement for grieving/being sad.

Keep encouraging. Continue the support group. Thank you for offering the service.” – M


“Reason you came: Lost my GSP 4 months ago.

Most benefit from: being in a room with other people who understood our loss. Chance to talk & honour their life.

Thank you for providing this space for this.” – A


“Reason you came today: to help me move forward through the grief process & become more accepting instead of blame + guilt for Zala.

Most benefit from: Brainstorming the current feelings that everyone is coping with.

Have them (future events) continue so that people get the help they need.” - C


“Reason you came: to accompany P and to be apart of the support day.

Most benefit from: Everything. The programme was sp good. I loved the drawing session.

I have enjoyed every session I have attended. Thank you again!” – B


"Reason you came: to allow myself to grieve in a safe space where I didn't feel judged.

Most benefit from: Different coping methods (journalling, photo books etc), Yin & Yang (light & dark).

Recommendation: Opportunity for people to attend before 'end of life' & seminars for pet professionals on how to help clients.

Thank you so much" - T


"Reason you came: to reflect and talk about the recent loss of my cat.

Most benefit from: tips for moving forward and writing a letter exercise to a loved pet

Recommendation: Keep up the service as it's a safe and resourceful place to express and feel valued" - M


"Reason you came: struggling with the loss of Felix and others in my life.

Most benefit from: moving forward stategies and talking with Diane and hearing everyones stories.

It has been great for me to come here and talk to everyone. I feel less alone with what I am going through." - Kylie


"Reason you came: to continue the grieving process for Zala.

Most benefit from: the goodbye letter to give a chance to express current feelings.

Recommendation: Keep doing the same to help people cope and know they are supported" - Christine