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Holistic Vets Newcastle

Our Vision

Our Core Values: Connection, Compassion, Empowerment, Integrity, and Positive Change

Our aim is to support and empower our clients to achieve wellness and maximum health for their animal family members.

Our fully qualified Veterinarians have a unique mindset in their approach to medicine. Our vets aim to treat the whole animal,using natural means as much as possible. We aim to address not only the physical body, but also the mental and emotional health of your animals, with a focus on balanced, natural feeding principles, and an overarching focus on wellness and wellbeing.  Our vets are passionate supporters of natural, balanced diets, both raw and cooked, for dogs and cats. 

Often the focus of conventional medicine is on addressing the symptoms of illness, and in doing so the whole animal is not fully considered. As holistic vets, our focus is not just on treating disease, but in working toward achieving wellness, taking the whole animal, their environment, lifestyle and diet into consideration.

Our vets have considerable experience in practicing conventional veterinary medicine and surgery, and therefore are able to determine when pharmaceutical or surgical intervention is required, especially when rapid results are needed. What makes our vets different, is that we have undertaken additional qualifications and training in natural and alternative medicine, and thus are able to make informed decisions in developing the most appropriate treatment plan for each individual animal. As veterinary professionals, we understand that there are often multiple approaches to treating and preventing disease.

Our vision is to empower our clients to be informed and to be active participants in their animal’s health care, from birth to end of life. We endeavour to strengthen and deepen the understanding between people and their animal family members. Our aim is to work as a team to find the right balance between the conventional and natural approaches to health care in a way that supports your animal’s natural healing, for better long-term outcomes with fewer unwanted side effects.

Our vets are passionate about natural health care and share the philosophy that a biologically appropriate, minimally processed diet, a healthy, active lifestyle and good emotional health are all essential to living our best life.  Our drive to seek alternative health pathways in our careers has been sparked in each of us by our personal health journeys, so our passion and commitment to integrative medicine comes from a place of authenticity.

We are actively making our workplace as sustainable as possible and aim to take care of the environment in whatever way we can.