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Home Euthanasia

When is the right time?

Although it is a very difficult decision to make, eventually the time comes when life is no longer enjoyable for our animal companions and we have to make a choice to let them go.  Euthanasia is performed when it becomes clear that a pet’s quality of life is no longer adequate. This may be due to old age, a painful condition or chronic illness that is making life very challenging.

To decide when to make this decision it may help to ask yourself “What would I want if I was in the same situation as my pet ?

However, if you are still unsure about when it is the right time to make this choice about euthanasia, our veterinarians are available to guide you in your decision. When it comes to this decision your emotions and your mind may not be in alignment, as your feelings override your logic because of the deep bond you have with your pet.

One tool that has helped many families is a “Quality of Life Assessment Tool” which helps you to be more objective reaching the decision that euthanasia is the best outcome for your pet. Here are a few online resources that may help you make that decision:

Doing these assessments regularly, every day or every few days will help you know when the time is right.

What are the benefits of a home euthanasia ?

Being in your home during this difficult time can make the process easier for your loved family member and also for your family.

Your pet will feel relaxed in their home, be able to sleep in their own bed or lay peacefully in the sun.  They will be in their ‘happy place’ surrounded by their family until the end. You will be able to grieve in the privacy of your own home with family and friends by your animal’s side.

What can I expect ?

Dr Linda and Dr Kathy are experienced in providing a compassionate passing for your pet.  Euthanasia at home means ending an animal’s life in a gentle and caring way in a familiar environment surrounded by those closest to them.

When the veterinarian arrives they will first talk to you and answer any concerns that you may have about the euthanasia process. They will then explain what will happen and what to expect. Please feel free to ask any questions at this time.

We will help you choose a space where both you and your pet feel comfortable. This may be in their bed, another favourite place, or in your arms.

Once your pet has settled in the chosen place, a sedation injection will be given which will relax your animal and also relieves any pain that they may experiencing. This usually takes about 10 minutes to take effect and your pet will then be very relaxed and comfortable. Sometimes if your animal is very anxious they can have an oral medication about 12 hours before the appointment to help reduce their stress and enable us to give the first sedation injection without any struggle. Once you and your pet are ready, we give a second injection that is given into a vein and this medication will allow your pet to pass peacefully within several minutes.

You may spend as much time with your pet as needed afterwards to say your final good-byes.  We offer optional bereavement support small group classes to help you in the months or years after their passing if this is helpful.

If you choose to have cremation performed, there are several very good services in the Newcastle area. Timing of the euthanasia appointment may need to be co-ordinated with a pickup or drop off time with the cremation service of your choice.

 These are the cremation services that we know and find trustworthy and caring:

If you feel like it may be time, or have already made the decision that euthanasia is the kindest option, please call Dr Linda on 0439 490 720 to discuss the next step. 

Please note: Dr Kathy is generally available for euthanasia for existing patients only.

Pet Loss Support Days

We regularly run bereavement support days, to provide a safe, small group environment that aims to assist your in your healing journey. 

To find out more, go to our "Support Days & Workshops" page.

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