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Veterinary Behaviour Services

Veterinary Behaviour Services

Dr Kathy is a qualified Veterinary Behaviourist with over 20 years experience. Dr Kathy is available for consultation regarding behavioural issues in any species but works primarily with dogs and cats. Common problems include anxiety, aggression and house soiling.

Behaviour issues are complicated and many people are reluctant to seek assistance because they feel that it is all their fault. That is rarely the case. Rather than getting better with time, behavioural issues tend to get worse over time. The best chance of success is when appropriate, qualified advice is obtained early.

Successful treatment involves understanding why the behaviour is occurring and developing strategies to make positive changes. Treatment may include medications, lifestyle adjustments, referral to appropriate therapeutic trainers and a variety of other strategies which will vary from case to case. Each treatment plan is highly individualised, working together with the animal and their family.

Dr Kathy is able to provide reports to councils regarding dangerous or menacing dogs, following appropriate assessment.


Dr Kathy assessing a dog behaviour