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Holistic Vets Newcastle



We can’t thank Dr Kathy enough! 
We have a tiny toy poodle named Lucy who is 15 years young and who we think of as our child. A few years back when she was 13 she was diagnosed with kidney disease, and this of course worried us sick. I wasn’t having it and I refused to give up on searching for an alternative treatment. My research led me to Dr Kathy Cornack from Newcastle Holistic Vet Services. Dr Kathy was wonderful with Lucy and prescribed her with homeopathic drops and a change in her diet. I followed this strictly and jump to two years later, I am happy to report that her latest bloods reveal her levels have stabilised and even dropped. Her kidneys are functioning as they should be. Amazing result!
More recently, Lucy stopped using her right leg and lost the ability to walk independently. Her back legs were collapsing and she kept falling over. She needed to be carried everywhere, hand fed and helped with toileting. She was crying through the night and seemed very sad and we were all very stressed. Again, I was not going to give up.
Dr Kathy saw Lucy immediately and has been performing relaxation, acupuncture and heat therapy on her. With regular sessions, home exercises and love and care, after 3 weeks I am happy to report that she is now slowly walking around and using all 4 legs and returning to her happy self. The love and attention she provides all of us as a family is wonderful. She always has Lucy’s best interest at the heart of every consultation and her approach is so comforting. In addition to Lucy being mobile again, she is also sleeping through the night after Dr Kathy suggested we try her on what I call a “magic potion”.
With the care, advice and support of Dr Kathy in conjunction with Dr Fiona at New Lambton Vet, we now hopefully have many more happy months and even years with Lucy and I have no doubt with the ageing process will come more ailments and I will definitely be calling on Dr Kathy to help us through. I will never give up on her and thankfully, neither will Dr Kathy.
Thankyou Dr Kathy for all your help and for tending to Lucy as if she were your own and also for being patient with her Mum and Dad and for always replying to my many emails and phone calls. We appreciate it so very very much.
I can’t recommend you enough.

Lucy’s Mum and Dad



Good Evening Kathy
We just want to express our thanks at the care and attention Dr Kathy Cornack has given to our beautiful Labrador, Sam. Sam is in his 12th year, has been blind for approximately 5 to 6 years and has osteo-arthritis in both hips. Sam has been receiving acupuncture, massage and laser treatment on his spine, hips and feet since August 2016 with Kathy now visiting Sam at our home. 
In all the treatments Kathy has given to Sam, she has been patient, considerate of Sam's blindness, and ensures he is relaxed before and during the treatments.  We can recommend Dr Kathy Cornack to any pet owners wanting alternate therapy for their beloved pets.

Very Kind Regards

Michael and Bronwen Byrne




Tori and I first came across Kathy when we were looking for some extra assistance with mobility and had acupuncture to assist in her movement. My girl was later diagnosed with cancer and we continued to see Kathy through this period keeping Tori at her best, given she was elderly and temperamental. It enabled her to continue to walk daily and I believe it gave her full quality of life.  Even more importantly when we made the change to palliative care and then preparing for end of life, Kathy was instrumental in the absolute best care, all the way to the end for my girl and for me in that journey.  
She was always very flexible for the home visits and responsive to the changing requirements involved some of the sudden changes we experienced. Tori took to Kathy immediately when she has no toleration for vets as a rule. I have had numerous dogs throughout the years and this was by far the most comforting and peaceful experience I have had when saying good bye to a beloved family member.  Words cannot express my gratitude to Kathy for the difference she made at such an important time for Tori and myself and Thank You does not seem enough. I have no hesitation in recommendation Kathy and her services.

Kerrie Horwood



Joey the Golden Retriever, now 14, has been seeing Kathy for regular acupuncture for some time, as part of a program for managing his reduced muscle strength and mobility, especially in his hind legs. He was a little unsettled for the first treatment, but since then he relaxes and sometimes goes to sleep while the pins are in. We are delighted with the maintenance of his quality and joy of life achieved with acupuncture and a careful diet. We appreciate Kathy’s kindness and empathy with an elderly, golden gent.

Coral, Adamstown Heights



Tanner is an 8 year old Dalmatian that has experienced some fairly tough medical issues since he was 6 months old. Tanner now has arthritis from his toes up to & along his spine, & along with double cruciate repair has made his back legs very stiff & sore. Last year he was also found to be experiencing sciatica in his lower spine, as a result of an earlier illness, and then if that wasn’t enough he was diagnosed with Wobblers Syndrome late last year. Treatment options included conventional pain medication but when acupuncture & laser therapy was suggested we were more than happy to give this a try to see if it had an impact on maintaining our boy’s mobility a little longer. Tanner proved to be a challenge at first & I am sure tested all of Kathy’s skills in animal behaviour but her high level of caring, professionalism  & expert knowledge won us all over & now he loves his visits from Kathy. He especially likes that he gets to have lots of treats during his session & to give Kathy lots of ear kisses. At first Kathy saw Tanner at the Vet Clinic but as Tanner had a flare up in his condition & it became difficult to transport him Kathy was very flexible in moving the sessions to Tanner’s home. Kathy has a calming manner that ensures Tanner is now much more relaxed during his sessions & tolerates the treatments for much longer. Kathy offers a great holistic, alternative treatment option that we would encourage anyone to try for their fur baby. Kathy’s continued treatment plan has ensured that Tanner is maintaining his mobility & hence quality of life for much longer than we first thought possible.

Leanne, Pam & Tanner



We have recently moved to Australia with our 5 year old Labradoodle Lily who suffers from hip dysplasia.    We were swimming her once a week in Scotland to keep the strength up in her hips which worked well.     With there being no hydro pools in Newcastle Lily became lame within a couple of months of arriving in Australia struggling to get up on all 4's and limping around the house and on her walks.
We researched alternative treatments/medicine and turned to Kathy who carries out acupuncture on Lily every 2-3 weeks. Lily responded very well to Kathy and her acupuncture she was back to her old self within the first few treatments, running and jumping around like she was a puppy again.
Lily enjoys her acupuncture appointments and gets excited to see Kathy. We are so happy that Lily is now fully mobile and not in pain, this is all thanks to Kathy.

Matthew & Lexie and of course Lily



My cat Sassi is 14yrs old and she lives up to her name ….. she’s very feisty and picky when it comes to Vet’s.     In fact, I’ve had two Vets refuse to treat her a second time due to how un-manageable she is. When Dr Kathy was recommended, I wondered if it would be the same. To my delight, and Sassi’s, Kathy’s caring, considerate, intuitive and loving nature kept Sassi calm and comfortable right from the first visit. I am unable to cut her nails and, as previous Vets found out, she needed to have a slight sedation to enable this to happen. With previous Vets even the administering of the sedation was a major problem. What surprised me about Dr Kathy was her patience, taking her time and not forcing Sassi to do anything. Recognising how anxious and nervous Sassi was she played quiet music, stroked her, was so patient so her calming nature extended to Sassi. This didn’t feel clinical but like Kathy was a loving, family friend. She really did everything at Sassi’s pace and her administering of the sedation was split-second, before Sassi even acknowledged what had happened. Just recently it was determined Sassi was in Renal failure. This news upset me as I knew nothing about the disease. Kathy gave me a holistic protocol to follow, was very invested in Sassi’s health and how to work to do the very best for her. I like Kathy’s holistic methods and approach to helping Sassi, coming from love and consideration not the cold and clinical approach that some Vet care can be. Now when I take her to visit Kathy, she’s calm, no struggling and no anxiety. If you have an animal that’s highly anxious, nervous or difficult to manage then I highly recommend Dr Kathy. Your pet will definitely appreciate her and you will no longer dread going to the Vet, as will your pet. I feel blessed to have such obvious care, concern and follow-up for my sweet Sassi.

Faye, Cessnock NSW




Dr Caroline is an absolute lifesaver. Our very loved 8 year old greyhound, Olly, was diagnosed with megaoesophagus and aspiration pneumonia after eating dog food later identified to be contaminated with a mycotoxin. Generally the prognosis for megaoesophagus is poor, and it is a lifelong and life shortening condition most dogs do not recover from. When she came home from the hospital, we consulted with Dr. Caroline to provide a holistic treatment plan to ensure we gave Olly the best chance of survival and recovery from her illness. Dr. Caroline's passion and knowledge of canine nutrition, in a time when the lack of regulation in the Australian pet food industry had let us down, was invaluable. We felt we couldn't trust commercially available food products after they had caused such serious illness in our dog, with no industry repercussion. We also didn't have enough understanding of canine nutrition, or the illness, to make the best choices for Olly ourselves. It was important to us that Olly's food was ethically sourced, and Dr Caroline helped us to find brands that meet that criteria. Dr Caroline provided us with a complete diet plan, supplements to support muscle function, physiotherapy exercises Olly could do to stimulate her oesophageal muscles, and acupressure treatment. In a few short months, Olly no longer displayed any signs of megaoesophagus, and had follow up x-rays confirming she no longer had the condition. As a testament to the treatment plan provided by Dr Caroline, Olly is happy, and now totally healthy. Sadly, other dogs affected by the same bad batch of dog food have lost their lives, or are still suffering from the megaoesophagus condition. It is our belief that the holistic approach to Olly's treatment is what saved her life and cured her condition. I highly recommend Dr Caroline and Newcastle Holistic Vets.

Thanks from Britt, Peter & Helensburgh, NSW



My dog Kalle is almost 15 years old and was starting to fall and weaken in his back legs.  At one stage I was afraid he was going to die. He kept falling over and could hardly get up. I was in tears at this fast deterioration.  We went to our regular local vet who said that all we could do is give him some anti-inflammatories and told us he is just old.  We contacted Dr Caroline for a second opinion. Dr Caroline has treated Kalle weekly with acupuncture, and recommended a few natural supplements. Now he is like a new dog. It is almost like a miracle! He has regained strength in his back legs, has improved energy and is now enjoying his twice daily walks again. He no longer falls over and has that ‘sparkle ‘ in his eyes. His appetite has also improved and he is sleeping through the night. Before we started treatment, he was getting up two to three times during the night to go to the toilet.  I am so grateful that Dr Caroline has given me some more quality time with my dog. She is amazing and I would recommend her to anyone looking for help with their animal.

Thanks from Heidi, Gary and Kalle. Warners Bay, NSW




When we were given the news of our dear boy Crouton's diagnosis of Hemangiosarcoma we were completely shocked, saddened but determined to do all we could to help Crouton.  We turned to Caroline as after knowing her for many years we knew her holistic kind caring advice would be exactly what we needed. We believe the diet, natural pain relief and advice she prescribed gave our boy a longer, better quality of life. Using her recommendations gave us a clear plan.  Thank you Caroline for all you did for our boy.

Thanks from Verity, Aaron, Thunder Lee, and the much loved Crouton



I just wanted to take a moment to say sincerely thankyou for your recent assessment of my little pup. Your care and professionalism was very much appreciated and so too was your personal empathy when discussing your constructive feedback. A few people have asked some very specific questions regarding dog training for medical conditions I'm not familiar with and I've sent them in your direction. I know you don't train dogs however I said you were the only vet and person I could say with confidence may be able to point them in the right direction. I look forward to keeping in contact regarding the care for my little guy, will be following your recommendation regarding additional training and will definitely be in touch for his assessment in the future.




When my dog Poppy was diagnosed with joint issues that I honestly didn’t think she would be able to recover from or even get help for at only 14 months of age, I found Dr Kathy at Holistic Vets Newcastle for help with managing her conditions. I can not recommend and thank Dr Kathy enough. She is the only vet to listen to my concerns and what was wrong with Poppy and also to suggest further avenues other than surgery. Dr Kathy referred me to a local physio vet and also has been there for any help or questions along the way. She is absolutely fantastic with my 2 dogs, both who are anxious. Thank you once again for all that you have done and for the money you have saved me!




Dr Kathy, we want to thank you for your support over the last year or so. Our experience working with you and Genelle has been exceptional and we can’t thank you enough. Your knowledge, care and insight have been invaluable. We are very grateful for how you always made time for us, always listened carefully to all of our concerns and always tried to find workable solutions for the three of us. Your care, compassion and understanding made a world of difference during difficult times.

E and B 



Dr Cornack has been an invaluable resource for our highly-anxious Staffy, Bella. When we contacted Dr Cornack, we were one step from considering if we needed to adopt either Bella or her sibling, Bowser, out of the family due to their increasingly aggressive fights. This was breaking our hearts as both dogs were like our children and had been with us for 5 or more years. Bella had always been an anxious dog but, since the birth of our son, her anxiety had begun manifesting in violence towards Bowser. Dr Cornack worked with us to implement immediate strategies to treat Bella’s anxiety and keep Bowser feeling safe in his own home. We also began to medically treat Bella and, through consistent check-ins and monitoring, we found the right dose of medication and the right strategies that have resulted in both dogs being able to stay with us and be comfortable and safe. We haven’t had a fight between the two in many months and can easily identify and deescalate tension thanks to Dr Cornack.

Emily Daddo from Cameron Park, NSW


Ruby & Melanie 

Ruby and Melanie are our much loved Cavoodle girls, full sisters, a litter apart.
From day one, Melanie has been a very happy and funny but anxious girl, especially when in the car and during thunderstorms. Ruby, by herself would be the cool, calm and collected one who enjoys time to herself. Around 5 years ago Melanie's anxiety started to escalate after a particularly bad hail storm.... from then on, the girls had several fights caused by different situations, sometimes with the bad feelings between them lasting a week or more.  We were on the verge of having to rehome one of them, which would have been like giving away a child, it was extremely stressful.
The girls are now on medication, which is easy to give and it has really helped our situation, there have been no altercations since. We are still very aware of triggers between the girls and we have removed some things around our home which could cause issues.
With careful management and medication, there is hope for a good outcome thanks to the expertise of Dr Kathy😊

S & P Dorse

Ray Family 

Absolutely the best vet you can go to! I have been seeing Kathy for over 2 years now and the difference in my dogs has been dramatic. Instead of being terrified they are so excited to arrive to see her. She also made our end of life experiences so warm and caring, which I will forever be grateful for.
Our 12 year old Bundy has never looked better with her help, his arthritis seems completely gone and he’s living his best life. Thank you ❤️

Regina Ray


I’m glad I finally made the decision to book a holistic vet. The work they are doing is beyond amazing. You will be surprised how deeply they go to find out the root cause of the problems and find solutions. First, we had a consultation that lasted over an hour. And my dog wasn’t stressed at all, the environment is cosy.
After I received multiple informative emails as a summary about our consultation. I have gone through that many times, there is more information than I could ever imagined and it really helps to keep everything on track.
Our vet is Dr Linda Tabley, she is so gentle and caring person and I am so thankful for the job she has done.
She is doing everything extra to take care of your pet.
Thank You! 🐶

Terje Suuroja


Every year we go here and see Kathy, I couldn't be more happy with the quality of care I get and the check my Twitchy boy receives every single appointment. I have complete trust in Kathy and what she does. A very easy to talk to and understand woman and makes vet trips for my boy positive and successful everytime. It's so handy being where the place is too and now I can book simply by text which is super handy for me having two young kids making a phone call isn't so easy these days.



Linda was very gentle and empathetic explaining with care and patience the process of the euthanasia process . I thought I would be crying all through the process however both (Jersey) dog and myself were very calm and accepting, I believe this was due to Linda's lovely spirit and experience, truly a great vet.
It was such a blessing to have her with us that day and made the world of a difference

Dianna Jeffress


Linda was really helpful in talking through the decision to euthanaise my dog. She explained the whole process before hand and during the procedure. She had a caring approach to her work. I was very thankful to not have to take my dog to the vet where she would be very stressed out. She died very peacefully at home and I was very appreciative of this.

Sara Jephcott

Nolan Family

Kathy has always been my go to when I have a pet with a complex presentation. Unlike many other vets, Kathy listens, observes, and responds from her own perspective, while not throwing inaccurate diagnosis or basic vet language out to rush the consult from start to finish. Kathy will reflect from multiple angles within her experienced veterinary knowledge, and will bring together the most suitable options available to provide relief for both you and your pet. Kathy has stood by me through the loss of two very close pet family members and has done so honestly and empathetically. She has also provided great support during the most difficult times and is worth her weight in gold. I couldn’t recommend a vet any higher than Kathy, I have never been let down by her or her service.

Laura Nolan 


I thought I'd give you some feedback on Cooper, the little foxie-cross with the failing kidneys, as I've implemented all the things you advised. His appetite has completely returned to normal and he is hungry and eating well. Cooper is right back to his pre illness self. It's been gradual and his appetite didn't come back overnight but his weight is back to where it was before he became ill. He has regained all his strength and is running up and down the back stairs, where before he just couldn't manage it and I had to carry him. He is absolutely full of life and really happy. So thank you for all your advice as I'm sure that's what has made the difference to him. I know it may not last but so far it's nothing short of a miracle.