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Holistic Vets Newcastle

Vision - Kathy

To see animals living their lives as healthy as they can, being raised in an environment that meets their physical and mental health needs. I want to see them as free as possible of potential side effects or harmful aspects of our modern industrialised life style.
My vision is to empower people to be informed and active participants in their animals health care from birth to death. I want to see animal guardians be able to make truly informed choices about how to raise and care for their animals in a way that is consistent with their own values. I want to strengthen and deepen the understanding between people and their animals.
I believe the body can heal itself and it is my role as a vet to help it do that as much as possible. Along with this, first do no harm. My vision is to empower people about a full range of health options for their animals.
I believe a truly healthy diet and emotional health are essential to a long and healthy life. My vision is create resources for people to enable them to be able to have true wisdom around healthy food and lifestyle practices for animals.
There is a time and a place for everything, so my approach is an integrated one, taking the best from all medical systems and traditions and making that knowledge available to people. The vision is to help people understand and appreciate when to use conventional veterinary treatment, and when other options might be prudent.
My vision is to help people understand the natural cycles of life and death, health and disease.
I want to be part of a world where we are conscious and aware of the impact of the decisions we make: acting in full consciousness, not blindly following or being fearful of learning new lessons or starting new patterns of behaviour.
Finally I want us to live together in harmony, and respect, in a sustainable manner that considers every being we share the earth with, including mother earth herself. In the process of doing that have us remain connected to the absolute blessing and gift that it is to be alive and to have this beautiful earth and the lovely creatures to share it with.
Here’s to the lofty ideals!