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Bestie Gummy Chews

Bestie have redesigned and released their new "Gummy Chew" line that we've been waiting for - yay!
These now come in a tube of 60 chews and can be given like a treat - no more messing around with making them into jellies or sprinkling the powder into food.
Our own Dr Kathy is part of the advisory team at Bestie, so you know they've got our pups best interest at heart! They are also made locally here in Newcastle so you are helping to support local enterprise and local jobs.

The Bestie Gummy Chew range come in these varieties:

OMOM can help reduce anxious behaviour, with a blend of valerian, tryptophan, and l-theanine. Research has shown these natural substances can help reduce generalised anxiety behaviours.

Chill Pup - Research shows that puppies are navigating a lot of early life stresses, which has a big effect on long term behaviour. The Chill-Pup gummy chews take the edge off puppy stress, with a B-complex and antioxidant-rich blend of reishi mushroom, milk thistle, blueberry and nutritional yeast, plus magnesium.

Einstein - The Einstein helps delay the mental decline in seniors and improve quality of life as they age, with an antioxidant-rich blend of l-carnitine, vitamin E, C, blueberry and gingko.

Pep-Up - helps your dog have a healthy response to stress and boost their immune system, with a lutein and adaptogen-rich blend including reishi, shiitake, and maitake mushroom, marigold and papaya.

Smooch - The Smooch's antioxidant blend of citrus bioflavonoids, green tea extract, cranberry, blackcurrant, sage and thyme, helps decrease bad breath and improve oral health.

More varieties coming soon!