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Frontier Cat Food

Our friends at Frontier Pets have finally released their cat food line! Our own Dr Kathy has been working on the recipes and development for the last 2 years. This biologically appropriate, 100% ethically sourced cat food comes in 'Free-range beef' and 'Wild caught Australian whole fish with free-range lamb' and comes as bags of little freeze-dried nuggets of fresh food. Frontier are the only pet food manufacturer in Australia to make a freeze-dried cat food using 100% sustainably sourced product! The goal is to end the use of factory farmed animals in food for our furry family. 

The 900g bags equate to 3.6kg of fresh food and 300g bags equate to 1.2kg of fresh food once warm water is added to rehydrate it. You can grab a 900g bag for $74.95 or a 300g bag for $27.98.

*Preorder - may take approx 1 week to arrive*